The most important tip that we can give you is that if you get it right MLB betting can be a highly lucrative occupation. Nothing has demonstrated this more clearly than the life story of Joe Peta. At one time he had been a market trader but because of an accident (he was hit by an ambulance) he lost his job. Subsequently he turned to MLB betting and applied the same kind of tools that he had used when he was a trader. He believed that the use of extensive data and the application of risk analysis techniques would allow him to make profits at least as big as those that can be made on investments and hedge funds.

He used what is known as sabermetrics to predict both team and player outcomes and bet on total under-over win totals over a whole season as well as the outcomes of individual games. What is important is the skill sets of the various teams overall as well as the skill sets of the individual players. They are a much better predictor of future performance than the actual results which are subject to many random fluctuations.  Sabermetrics doesn’t mean that you will be right every time, it just means that you are more likely to be rights than you are to be wrong, and so over the long term you will make a profit.

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