With the 2012 All-Star Game right around the corner, I thought I would explore the possible All-Stars from our own team. In 2009, their whole infield made the All-Star team. Since then, for the most part, unless your name is Evan Longoria, you likely have to be a pitcher to make the All-Star team if you play for Tampa. Well without further udo, the potential 2012 Rays All-Stars.

David Price

Stat Line: 11-4 2.92 ERA 97 K

David is no stranger to the AL All-Star team. He has made the team for two consecutive years, and even started in one. Price has taken back his role and form of two years ago when he was the “ace” of Tampa’s pitching staff. Price has limited his runs allowed while cutting down on his walks and home runs this year. He was the first pitcher in the American League to 10 wins this season. Not only do I believe he will be an All-Star this year, but also that he makes a somewhat strong case to be the starter for the AL team. No matter how you look at it, the first half has been very strong for Price. His success is good for the AL and most importantly for the Rays.

Fernando Rodney

Stat Line: 2-1, 1.04 ERA 22/23 SV, 35 K

Fernando Rodney has has revived his career with the Rays this season. He has established himself as this year’s closer (even as Fransworth comes off the DL), and arguably baseball's best closer thus far. Rodney has been completely lights out from the bullpen. His change-up and fastball combination continues to make batters look silly. Rodney has saved 22 games this season, and has only blown one save.. He has brought a swag to the Rays this season like not many have done before. He is probably the most deserving of all Rays to make the All-Star team this year.

Long Shots

Evan Longoria

Stat Line: .329, 4 HR, 19 RBI

If he would not have gotten hurt after his first month of baseball, think of the things Longoria could have done this year. A three-time All-Star, Longo has now missed now nearly two months. The stats in the upper corner are from his impressive April, and the reason Longoria is currently 4th place at third base in the fan voting. Longo has simply missed too much time this year to make the roster, which is really too bad considering the boost he would have given the AL.

Matt Joyce

Stat Line: .279 11 HR 39 RBI

Matt Joyce might be one of the most underrated players in all of baseball this year. Joyce has stepped up in a big way to fill out the middle of the order for the Rays this season. He's playing really well, including hitting left-handed pitchers better this season. Joyce will have to be a manager selection by Ron Washington in order to make this year’s roster. His recent injury is hurting his chances a little bit, but that should be overlooked for the season he’s had this year. Joyce probably has the best chance of any Rays position player, but still his chances of making the roster are very small.

B.J. Upton

Stat Line: .247, 5 HR, 25 RBI, 14 SB

B.J. Upton is currently 14th on the list for fan voting. While was off to an good start this year, he has regressed since his hot start. B.J. still is still a big asset to the Rays' offense and defense, though, so don’t write B.J. off yet. B.J. could be a injury replacement if there was a late injury, but the chances are very slim.

Jeremy Hellickson

Stat Line: 4-3, 3.45 ERA, 52 K

Hellickson started this season beautifully and was dominating teams out of the gate. Everything caught up with him though and Jeremy would now at most be an injury fill in, and that would still be a long shot.