With the Rays churching the Astros 12-0 Monday night, they got a little sneak preview of what the next two weeks should look like. Monday’s game started a 14-game stretch where the Rays will play teams all under .500. This week is a four game series with the Astros (30-53). Following that will be a ten game home stand with the White Sox (32-47), Twins (36-43), and Astros coming into town. The Rays have had one of the toughest schedules so far this season. It is refreshing to get some easier games right before the all-star break, which starts July 16. In my opinion, the Rays should take at least 10 of those 14 games. I don’t feel there would be an excuse to win any less than that, and really they should win more. However you look at it though, the Rays should get some much needed W’s and hopefully with some help, gain some ground in the tough AL east.

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