The Rays kicked-off a three-game set in Fenway this weekend, and the first game of the series already had it's share of bad blood. Last night's bench-clearing incident reminded me of the rivalry that Boston and Tampa Bay have built over the past years. Considering that these two teams have been playing each other for just the past 14 years now, the Rays and Red Sox have one of the most intense rivalries in baseball.

The Rays and Sox have never liked each other one bit, but now they're not just enemies; they're also serious contenders.

Ever since the Rays' miracle 2008 season, these two clubs have battled it out till the end and have been in the spotlight of sports' biggest playoff races in recent years. The rivalry only seems to be getting stronger, as Boston was victim to one of the worst collapses in baseball history in the midst of the Rays' historical comeback.

Here are the five most memorable games ever in the history of Major League Baseball's fastest growing rivalry.